Our nature needs protection more than ever
Nature is the beating heart of the environment, let
Nature is the beating heart of the environment, let's not stop its beating
Future generations will judge our behavior with nature. Will we be remembered well

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Help us save the earth by reading each of these articles.
Detection of air pollution
Studies and revision of the master plan and detailed design of the commercial port of Kish and the desalination of the island
Biological cleaning of soils contaminated with petroleum compounds
Removal of groundwater pollution
Cooperation with Iran’s National Oil Products Distribution Company (N.I.O.P.D.C)
Cooperation of National Iranian Drilling Company with 30 training centers
Repairs in Khark are done relying on the ability of local experts
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)


One of the branches of petroleum biotechnology that has been commercialized and can be seen today in the list of services provided by companies active in the field of environmental issues is the biological purification of waters and soils contaminated with petroleum compounds. The release of petroleum and its products into the environment, the continuation of life. Many organisms living in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are threatened, and by polluting underground water, it poses a serious threat to human health, and by destroying the habitat of useful species, it imposes its negative effect on the economy of sectors such as agriculture and fisheries. We can make these numbers as low as possible and protect our earth.
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