Studies and revision of the master plan and detailed design of the commercial port of Kish and the desalination of the island

Studies and revision of the master plan and detailed design of the commercial port of Kish and the desalination of the island

Project Description:

The commercial port of Kish is located in the northeast of Kish Island, which is connected to the road network of the island through a large boulevard. This port includes basins (western, central and eastern) and an area of ​​approximately 110 hectares. The port development plan has been considered with regard to the development of Kish Island at the national and regional level and considering the tourism commercial port of Kish as one of the main infrastructure facilities of the island. In this regard, the master plan of Kish commercial port has been prepared. Based on this, berths No. 15 to 17 with a depth of mCD 9.5 will accommodate general goods and container ships with a capacity of up to 12000 DWT in the central basin. Also, pier number 18 with the depth of mCD 12.5 will be put into operation in the final phase of development in the eastern basin. This pier will accommodate container vessels with a maximum capacity of 35,000 DWT.Considering the potentials of Kish Island in the region, special investment in this region is possible. For this purpose, in the eastern part of the commercial port of Kish, about 650 meters of pier length with the possibility of constructing piers with a water inlet depth of -14 mCD and a jetty has been allocated for special investments. In the dry sector and in order to meet the infrastructure needs of the active terminals, constructions such as canteen warehouse, general goods warehouse, passenger terminal, marine traffic control tower, prayer hall, clinic and administrative buildings have been planned

Important features of this project:

• Studying the market and cargo absorption by Kish port due to the fact that this port is an island and not located in the country’s commercial ports.

• Proportioning the stages of the port development plan with the actual development of Kish Island and the amount of cargo

• Combining passenger and tourist needs with general, canteen and mineral cargo transportation needs

Design features and project results:

● Development of Kish commercial port as one of the main infrastructure facilities of the island

● It has three western, central and eastern ponds with a total area of ​​81 hectares

● The area of ​​Peskraneh is approximately 110 hectares

● Two breakwater branches with a total length of 2500 meters

● Has 15 dock posts that can be increased to 18 posts

● Wharves with water intake depth of 9.5 to 14 meters compared to CD

● Acceptance of vessels with a capacity of 5000 to 35000 DWT

● Number of 2 passenger terminals with a total area of ​​15,000 square meters

● Service and operational buildings with an area of ​​15,000 square meters

● Special investment zone with a 650-meter long pier and a 40-hectare paddock

Qoqnus Atlas company services :

Market Studies

• Studies of support services and procurement of oil companies

• Investigation and studies related to determining the potential of providing services, support and regional trade, both oil and non-oil

• Investigating and determining the role of the current position and predicting the future position of the Kish port

• Necessary review and studies related to revision studies of the comprehensive plan of the country’s commercial ports

• Investigating and analyzing the current situation in the commercial port of Kish

• Studying the existing condition of the sea and land part of the port, such as sea structures, breakwaters, turning basins, dredgings, available lands, warehouse support buildings and communication ways.

• Investigation and performance of the port and the methods of unloading and loading operations and the use of facilities and equipment.

• Investigation of water, electricity, gas, telephone and sewage infrastructures of the port

• Collecting, reviewing and completing hydrological and meteorological studies and data

• Collecting, reviewing and completing studies and hydrodynamic information, wave and sediment information

• Collection, review and completion of soil mechanics studies

• Collecting, reviewing and completing hydrographic and topographical studies

• Collecting, reviewing and completing seismic studies of the region

Main departments involved in this project:

Economy and transportation, marine and hydrodynamics, geotechnics, civil and structural, architecture, electrical and mechanical installations, safety and firefighting, environment