Cooperation with Iran’s National Oil Products Distribution Company (N.I.O.P.D.C)

Cooperation with Iran’s National Oil Products Distribution Company (N.I.O.P.D.C)

Project Description :

In order to facilitate the transfer of oil products from the southern coasts of the country to the six islands of the Persian Gulf, the construction of oil piers in the mentioned islands has been carried out by these consulting engineers. In this regard, after conducting zero-phase studies, the tender documents for the construction of oil piers and related ancillary facilities were prepared, so that they will be handed over to qualified contractors in the form of an EPC contract

The important feature of this project:

• Combining issues related to the design of marine and port structures with oil product storage sites.

• Locating a suitable place to build a wharf for unloading and loading oil products on each island

• Diverse hydrodynamic conditions due to the location of six islands in different parts of the Persian Gulf

• The need for interaction and cooperation between different engineering departments, including marine structures, geotechnical, structural, process, piping, mechanical, electrical, and precision instruments

Services of Qoqnus Atlas Company

1) Conducting environmental studies and field surveys

• Checking the existing condition of the facility

• Review and analysis of environmental information

• Forecasting the consumption of products in a 20-year horizon

• Determining the optimal capacity of oil docks

2) Investigation and feasibility of building a wharf

• Wind and wave statistical studies

• Navigation studies

• Preparation and presentation of maps and technical specifications

3) Sea and land maps

• Preparation of technical specifications for piping, process, mechanical, electrical, cathodic protection, precision instruments, wharf and civil

• Preparation of tender documents and EPC contractor’s work description

Main departments involved in this project:

Port construction and marine structures – geotechnical – structure – process – piping – mechanical and electrical – precision instruments – oil and gas and petrochemical – environment